Friday, October 1, 2010

the westfield insider

I love my wardrobe, I spend a serious amount of my time either tidying it, re-organising it or adding to it (mostly adding to it). When I'm not at work at David Jones in the young mens fashion department, I'm shopping, be it in stores or online. For as long as I can remember what I wore was very important to me. I remember as a child I used to take all the clothes off my Barbies, organise them and work out which clothes suited which Barbie Doll. When I was 11 I was wearing trackpants (!) when my friend came to drop something off at my house, I was so concerned that she would see me in something unfashionable that I changed my outfit, which took long enough that by the time I was dressed she was no longer at my house! In high school I freaked out at our first casual day as I didn't know what brands the girls at my school wore, and knew that there was no way I would be able to buy the clothes to make me fit in in time!

Since high school I've finally found what my style is, what fits me well and what I like, through a lot of trial and error! I've learned that brands aren't everything and that if you want to look fabulous all the time you need to be always searching for bargains, always aware of sales so that when you never come to a point where you have nothing to wear.

Whilst I am proud of the few high end items I own, namely my Mimco cream booties and a Sass & Bide bodycon dress, I mostly dress in items I have found on sale. For that reason I think I will be the perfect candidate for the Westfield Insider competition! For anyone who reads my blog, I hope you will vote for me if i do get any further than merely entering, as I know this is a job I can do really well. And if I don't then thats ok, because I'm happy knowing that I have applied to fashion and textiles merchandising for next year, so one way or another, I will reach my goal of being a buyer, be it through luck, or studying for a few more years. These are the photos I used in my application, I hope you like them!

Jacket: Industrie at David Jones
Dress: Dotti
Shoes: Sachi at David Jones
Rings: (left) Mimco and (right) Diva
All these items can be purchased at a Westfield Shopping Centre.

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  1. Oooh, did you end up going to the Westfield Insider event? I wish I could have gone. It would have been a great opportunity to meet other Adelaide bloggers. x