Friday, May 21, 2010

serenas dresses just keep getting shorter

normally i'm more of a Blair, but i love this dress serena is wearing and hopefully i can add something to one of my dresses to make it look more like this one!


Just some things i like
-the barette i found randomly in a gift shop, it kinda looks a bit mimco
-the watch is one of my asos purchases and gets commented on all the time
-the bracelets are my friend alice's which our group got her for her birthday, they are by cat and one says 'dare to leap' i really need to remember to give them back as she left them at my house 3 weeks ago!

Friday, May 14, 2010

branching out

one of my favourite blogs to read is lateafternoon, where i found the link to online store nastygal. so for the timebeing im moving away from asos and have bought two things from nastygal!

the grey skies dress
and the raquel blouse in khaki

i found nastygal to be very affordable with some great pieces and plan to go there again, loving the draped high waisted black shorts too!