Wednesday, August 11, 2010

take me back

I just spent the weekend in Melbourne deciding on where to live if i move there and driving past some gorgeous looking furniture stores which i can't wait to look through when i finally get there!

This weekend i took my mum to Degraves street and got little cupcakes from The Little Cupcake Shop and then Laurent for lunch on Collins street. We wandered down Sydney road to find lunch another day and ended up in one of those tiny cafes where you share tables with other people and spend hours in there just reading a newspaper, it didn't even have a name. We went to dinner in a place where main meals were $35 atleast, and then you pay $15 per glass for wine on Church street in Richmond. We went for Thai at Trinitas another night, where I ate possibly the best asian food i've ever had.

Then there was the shopping, where to begin?  Everywhere you go there are cool places to shop! Degraves street, Chapel Street, where i bought Peter Alexander PJs and a blazer from Witchery, Sydney Road, Lygon street, The refurbished GPO in Bourke Street Mall where I bought a sass&bide jacket very heavily reduced...and they're only the obvious ones, it seems that anywhere you walk there's something to look at somewhere to eat or shop I HAVE TO LIVE THERE!

And the weekend got even better when my aunt decided to give me a pair of her shoes which she had worn twice and was gonna give to the RSPCA charity shop. They're black patent leather platform wedges with a round toe and slingback. Could I have been luckier that she has the same size feet as me? I'll be going back to Melbourne as soon as i can to explore more! I can't wait!

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